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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

Just Ride are based in Hampshire.  We are five minutes away from the wonderful Queen Elizabeth Country Park and the South Downs.  Local riding includes gentle single track, lengthy rides across the beautiful South Downs, award winning Blue trails, red trails, enduro lines and downhill tracks.  There is something for everyone.

What are your prices?

In addition to our weekend clubs at £22 per partipant you can also book us for per hour per rider for coaching.  2hours minimum at 35 per hour.  Do discuss requirements with us so that we can best advise you.

What do I need to bring on the day?

You!  Your bike, your completed forms (emailed at time of booking), helmet (compulsory) and other optional protective wear.  A change of clothes in case of inclement weather and having fun splashing in puddles!  A sense of humour and a friendly smile.  Lunch is not provided but there is a great cafe on site at QECP should that be the location of your ride.  The Hampshire Hog has a great range of food and refreshments available and we would book a table for lunch should that be preferred.  Enough water for around 0.5litres per hour.

Do I have to join the ride with my child?

No - in fact we enncourage you to wander the local area!  Let us do the work!  Our guides have full DBS checks and are used to working with children, young adults and those adults of us that wish we were young!  All we ask is that you provide them with the required equipment and lunch to support us providing a fantastic day.  Plenty of water that the child will need to be able to carry themselves is a must.  Whether this is in a rucksack / water bottle cage.  Our guides carry full first aid provision and their own items so you can imagine carrying ten plus waterbottles is not an option!

Is the course weather dependant?

Absolutely not - within reason!  Risk assessments are undertaken before any ride and the course is preridden by the instructor.  Weather is changeable and so paying attention to the weather forecast and wearing appropriate clothing is key.  Your instructor will be in touch  should there be any weather warnings or change that may impact the day.  Mountain biking is an outdoor sport and as such you will get hot and dusty, wet, muddy, windswept or all of these in the UK!  Rest assurred whatever the weather - you will have an absolute blast!  

What type of bike is needed?

The bike should be well maintained in good repair.  Our instructors aree happy to advise but will also refuse to allow you to take part if they deem the bike as unfit to ride / dangerous.  We are here to ensure you have a lot of fun in a safe way.  We can suggest bicycle repair and maintenance shops including mobile mechanics should you need.  

Tyres will typically be of the offroad knobbly type, should be holding air and wheels tightened securely.  Both front and back brakes should work to bring you to a controlled stop and your seatpost should be easy to raise and lower in the frame.  Bar end protectors should be fitted (plugs or locking grips)

Whats for lunch?

What you got?!  Lunch is not provided but, as your guides like to be fed and watered also, a lunch stop will be planned in if the session is longer than 2-3 hours.  These are location dependant but bring a packed lunch which will be able to be left in a secure location with us when we head out.  We do not carry spare food or water due to our own appetites!  Consent forms will include questions about allergies and medical information for us to be aware of.  We will not share any of this with the group but if there is anything pertinent such as nut allergy - the whole group will be told not to bring such items.  Names will not be shared.  

Where do we park?

Location dependent.  Your guide will advise.  You will be given options but all will be close the the central meeting and return point

Is there a local pub and accomodation?

Again - location dependant.  If QECP or the South Downsthen the car park is a pay as you leave arrangement with plenty of space and amenities.  Then there is the very accomodating Hampshire Hog.  They have secure bike storage, tools and overnight accomodation with great food and a nice relaxed atmosphere.  This is the chosen watering hole for many a bike riding buffalo after a long day in the saddle!

What are your qualifications and insurances?

All of the guides we use have an enhanced DBS and are qualified to at least MIAS Level 2 - technical terrain level.  All guides have completed Emergency first aid certificates.  Many of our colleagues have years of school teaching experience and as such, are used to providing support for varying abilities of skill, fitness, experience and understanding.  

Can you do provide for a group larger than 11?

Yes.  Dependant on prior bookings as you will need more than one instructor.

Can you provide bikes?

Currently we are not doing so.  We are looking to provide a fleet of 6 children and 6 adult mountain bikes for hire and use but this is a project for 2022.

What if you havent answered my question here?

Please use the contact form / drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss any specific requirements or advise you should you need.

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